Compensation Plan Summary:

Free Sign-up:

There are no charges of any kind to signup as a fashion consultant (independent business distributor) of IFAZONE brand of apparel and accessories owned by the company. To sign-up as a Fashion Consultant, one needs sponsorship from an existing Fashion Consultant at any level. This sign-up is governed by the rules and terms of the company.


The levels of compensation are solely dependent upon the volume of sale generated by the team and are not linked in any way with the number of fashion consultants sponsored by any particular fashion consultant. Each purchase by oneself, or by any of their sponsored person, lets a person accumulate reward points. Various levels of compensation and discounting are Fashion Consultant 10%, Franchisee 20%, Baron 29%, Count 38%, Marquis 41%, Duke 42% and Arch Duke 43%.

All new signups automatically become Fashion Consultants (FC) for free, and are eligible to get 10% discount without requiring any points. To become a Franchisee, who is entitled to 20% cash discounts, an FC has to accumulate 30,000 points. Similarly, to become a Baron and get 29% cash discount, a Franchisee develops five direct Franchisees or accumulates 1,50,000 points. Barons can develop five direct Franchisees with their accumulated 1,50,000 points. To reach Count level, a Baron develops 3 or more direct Barons and starts getting 38% discounts plus a generation bonus of 12.5% of sale volume of products based on direct Counts one has.

As a Count develops 5 or more direct Counts, submits the form for challenge and accumulates 7312500 points over next 3 consecutive months, Marquis level is achieved which entitles cash discounts of 41%, all benefits of Count, plus 2% group bonus and 5.5% Marquis generation bonus on sale of products based on direct Marquises​ one has.

Once a Marquis develops 5 or more direct or first generation Marquises, submits the form for challenge and accumulates 64687500 points over next 3 consecutive months, Duke level is achieved with 42% cash discounts on product purchases, all benefits of Marquis and additional 2% Duke generation monthly bonus on sale of products based on direct Dukes one has. Similarly, Dukes can attain Arch Duke level by developing 5 or more direct Dukes, submitting the Challenge form and accumulating 646875000 points over next 3 consecutive months, entitling 43% cash discounts on all purchases in addition to all benefits of Duke based on product sale volume.

The benefits associated with the above levels are available with effect from subsequent month onwards, after that level is attained as per the above compensation plan.